CG Watch 2007: On a wing and a prayer

In collaboration with CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, ACGA has produced "CG Watch 2007", our fourth survey of corporate governance in Asia. Titled "On A Wing And A Prayer: The Greening of Governance", the report assesses the quality of corporate governance in 11 Asian markets and provides aggregate data from 582 listed companies.

This is our first regional "CG Watch" survey since October 2005 and the first to incorporate Japan. We expanded the survey, tightened the scoring and focussed more closely on how corporate governance rules and best practices were being implemented by companies. There are now 87 questions under five categories: "CG Rules and Practices", "Enforcement", "Political and Regulatory Environment", "Accounting and Auditing Standards", and "CG Culture". At the beginning of the report a regional overview written by Jamie Allen, Secretary General of ACGA, discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the corporate governance regime in each market, while each country chapter now also includes a short regulatory overview written by the ACGA team.

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